It’s Time to Talk

Together we can reach thousands of voters before the referendum, and create a movement of ‘It’s Time to Talk’ conversations.

We are asking you to commit to starting conversations in your families, communities, through your social networks, workplaces, and anywhere else you can, about why the Eighth Amendment must be repealed, and why we need abortion laws that respect women’s and girls’ human rights.

An ‘It’s Time to Talk’ conversation begins with one simple question: if a woman or girl is pregnant and doesn’t feel she can continue the pregnancy, who should decide what happens next?

Is it up to her doctor, legislators, the Constitution, or the woman herself? By providing people with the time and space to talk about this question, most will arrive at the logical and compassionate conclusion—that all people need to be empowered to make significant decisions about their own lives.

If everyone who pledges to talk has one ‘It’s Time to Talk’ conversation each day between now and the referendum, we can reach 250,000 people by polling day!

We will also be keeping track of all the conversations happening around the country, so we can show the world that the whole country is talking.

Share your conversations on social media using the hashtag #itstimetotalk.

You can use our resources to support you in having those vital conversations, and working with us to successfully repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Pledge to Talk

We’d love to keep you updated about our work – including information about our campaigns, fundraising appeals and events – and the impact we have by working together. Please let us know how we may contact you. Please tick the box if you are happy to receive updates from us by email, phone and text message.