Lucy’s story

Lucy had a crisis pregnancy. She travelled for an abortion. It was the right decision for her. If it was your daughter, your sister, your friend, would you listen or turn away? Vote Yes on May 25th.

Why is it important to provide ‘abortion on request’ in early pregnancy? Women don’t often realise that they’re pregnant right away. Normally they find out after missing a period, which can mean they have already been pregnant for four to six weeks. If the woman or girl has been using contraception, or if she has irregular periods, it may take even longer. Once she does realise, she needs time to make an unhurried, considered decision. Women invariably seek care as early as possible once that decision has been made. This is why allowing for abortion on request up to 12 weeks is the minimum to ensure pregnant women and girls can consider their personal or family circumstances, get all the information they need, and make the decision that is right for them.


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