Chris O’Dowd joins Amnesty International in calling on the Irish public to Vote Yes on repealing the Eighth Amendment

Chris O’Dowd today joined the growing list of Irish men asking the Irish public to vote Yes on May 25th. His videos are part of a series from Amnesty International Ireland’s “It’s Time’ campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.


In the video, actor Chris O’Dowd talks about how this is Ireland’s chance to stand with women, and calls on everyone to come out and vote Yes on May 25th.


Please see the video here.


“This is a once in a generation opportunity to stand with our wives, our girlfriends, our mothers, our daughters, our friends. Be part of the future, not the past. Every vote really, really counts. We all need to come out and vote Yes on May 25th,” said Chris O’Dowd.


“As a man, it’s worrying that a lot of polls are saying that men aren’t going to come out and vote. They feel that in some way it’s not their business. But this is not something we can stay out of. Those voting ‘no’ won’t be staying out it. This is our chance to be united with people who have difficult times ahead, to stand with the women you love. We have to vote Yes.”


“We are only 11 days away from this historic vote. As we get closer to polling day, it is vitally important that people engage on the question we are being asked to decide on May 25th. It’s clear that unless we vote yes, and repeal the Eighth Amendment, Ireland will continue to violate the rights of women and girls. These are not just words on paper; it means countless women and girls facing criminalisation if they access abortion pills in this country, or being forced to travel abroad. For those who cannot travel, it means being forced to continue with pregnancies against their will regardless of the impact on their health, their families and their lives. It means having to take abortion pills illegally without proper medical support. It means ongoing stigma, shame and grave harm for yet another generation,” said Sorcha Tunney, Campaign Coordinator of ‘It’s Time’ for Amnesty International Ireland.


“It’s really heartening that so many men are coming out in support of the Yes campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment. This is an issue that first and foremost affects women and girls, but we need men to stand with us on May 25th. For any man out there who believes that women facing crisis pregnancies deserve compassion and not exile to another country, they need to show that support by getting out there and voting Yes.”